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Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heating System

Reich Star Solar is dedicated to bringing affordable solar solutions to customers who are now priced out of traditional renewable energy technologies. Reich Star Solar uses innovation design, marketing and manufactiring to achieve this target. We are ready to respond now with the Reich Star Solar water heating system, to the followed by a suite of products to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding green marketplace.

Benefits in Brief

  • Hot water day and night for all your needs
  • Environment friendly
  • Manufactured to suit local climatic conditions with a wide range of capacities to suit customer requirements
  • Free of any risks and health hazards
  • Ideal solutions for ever increasing electricity bills
  • Short payback on the investments
  • Manufacturing, repair and maintain any type
  • Solar water heater
  • Solar vacuum Tube system
  • Solar flat plate system

Reich star solar hot water storage tank
Reich star solar storage tanks are made in stainless steel with the outer tank being Zink Aluminium colour bond. The tank is polythene foam insulated to prevent any heat loss.

Big Savings in your Energy bills
By installing a Reich star solar, you'll be using the sun's free energy to heat your water, so you can reduce your hot water energy consumption by a huge 50-90%. Imagine the saving in your energy bills EVERY YEAR. And as energy costs continue to risk you'll be very glad you made the decision to switch to Reich Star Solar.

Why choose a Reich star solar
Simply put, installing a Reich star solar water heater will allow you use the sun's free energy to heat your water. Living in sri lanka with the abundance of solar energy, it's an alternative that won't impact on your quality of life.
With a Reich star solar water heater you'll enjoy.

What if the sun isn't shining?
All Reich star solar heaters are fitted with a electric in- tank booster, which operates only when you need it. Or you can choose to have an in-line booster which senses the temperature and activates if it is less than the set temperature. The in-line booster has a 5 star energy rating, keeping your energy consumption as low as possible. That means you can enjoy hot water when you want it, even on overcast days or at night

We offer a Ten years warranty period against manufacturing defects for tank and panel. One year warranty for back-up coil.

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